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Food supply

The children are fully catered for in our facility. We are supplied daily by our GGB kitchen in Wildenfels, which offers healthy, regional food of organic quality.

The possibility of having a food provider directly in the cooperation area enables us to offer individual menus for children with allergies.

Notification of participation in the meal should be made by 8 am.


From 8 - 8.30 a.m., breakfast is eaten within the group at our facility. After the children have set the table together with the teachers, they eat in a relaxed atmosphere. Fresh fruit or vegetables are served with breakfast every day, as well as tea or organic milk.


Lunch is eaten in our group rooms. Meal times are seen as a cozy and social get-together.

Tea, water or juice spritzer are available to the children throughout the day.


In the afternoon, there is an in-group snack. The meals vary daily from savory to sweet. It is usually accompanied by fresh fruit or seasonal vegetables.

Language diversity

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