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International Primary School
Crinitzberg (IGC)

A new phase of life begins for pre-school children when they start elementary school. In order to provide the children with the best possible support during this time and prepare them for their new tasks, close cooperation between our "Spatzennest" kindergarten and the Crinitzberg International Primary School is beneficial.

We see the Saxon cooperation agreement as an important link between daycare centers, schools and families.

Goals of the cooperation

The targeted and intensive preparation of the children for school is intended to make the transition to their new stage of life as uncomplicated as possible. The main aim of our pre-school work is to equip all children with a general knowledge appropriate to their age so that they can make the transition to school without any problems. For this reason, we have concluded a cooperation agreement with our elementary school, in which the children and parents are also actively involved. We maintain a lively exchange with the teaching staff in order to provide the best possible support for the children's readiness for school. The teachers specify criteria for the achievement of goals and help to monitor them. In order to optimize the school entry phase, several so-called "meeting afternoons" are offered before the children start school, during which the future pupils and their parents can get to know the school, their future class teacher and the after-school care area with their after-school care teacher.

This cooperation gives parents and children the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the requirements of elementary school at an early stage.

International Primary School Crinitzberg
Bergstraße 1a
08147 Crinitzberg

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