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Our small, family-oriented facility consists of four groups with a total capacity of 58 children. These include two crèche groups, a pre-school group and a pre-school group. Based on the new pedagogical perspectives of recent years, we have agreed on 3 main focal points for our daily pedagogical work in consultation with our provider.

Our approach

We attach great importance to teaching cultural techniques at our facility. We try to teach reading, writing and basic arithmetic using special materials such as wooden letters and numbers, a constantly changing book case and various projects. Our second focus is on English as a foreign language.

In a Europe that is growing ever closer together, we feel that continuous language acquisition is very important and for this reason we practice English as a foreign language in a playful way throughout the day. Children of toddler and kindergarten age are in the natural language acquisition phase, i.e. they are particularly receptive and open to languages. Children who are exposed to another language at an early age are mentally flexible and their perception is efficient. The playful language acquisition, which is fully tailored to the needs of the children, awakens a positive attitude towards language and is at the same time an encounter with a foreign culture.

Our third focus is on activity-based learning.

Mastering concrete tasks through their planning and realization leads to learning in complete actions. Perceiving and thinking can be related to specific tasks and situations in an application-oriented way and structure learning content and learning processes. However, perception and thinking only become a complete action when both actions are implemented.

Language diversity

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