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Sparrow's Nest

Bergstraße 1a
08147 Crinitzberg

Phone: +49 37462 280595
Fax: +49 37462 280745

Head of daycare center: Elisabeth Dörfel
Head of after-school care: Lisa-Marie Krage

This is us

Teamwork is of the utmost importance if we want to fulfill our pedagogical mission in the best possible way and offer the children an environment rich in experiences. An important prerequisite for this is an open, cooperative and critical dialog within the team. We hold a large team meeting once a month and regular small team meetings.

We discuss the relevant quality areas and define target agreements, which we document in our quality manual. We also exchange information on the projects and discuss questions and problems. Each educator can contribute new ideas or, if necessary, provide assistance to other colleagues.

A good working atmosphere is very important to us, which is why fundamental decisions and major changes are discussed together and individual voices are heard. We deal with these issues as a team and clarify all the important elements that arise from them. We question the content of our work and the framework conditions in a learning process. This results in constant further development of the conceptual work and optimization of the framework conditions.

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